BYOB Creative Art Classes

Every Friday 7-9pm. Bring Your Favorite Beverage or Food and Paint or Sculpt along with Nilda and Sara as they show you step-by-step how to sculpot or paint a lovely masteerpiece See more details

Workshops Around the World

USA, Italy, Puerto Rico or in your studio, Nilda Maria Comas will teach her award winning techniques in sculpture, painting and drawing. See more details

Art Workshops for Children

Sunday Mornings - 10-12am - Look for summer workshops, after school art classes and Saturday classes at the Legacy Art Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. See more details

Workshops By The Month - NEW

  $225 per month workshop See Altier Hours in Schedule See more details

Portrait Sculpture Classes

Learn the art of portraiture from Nilda Comas at one of her workshops.  Choose from 3-day workshops at the Legacy Art Studio or study abroad in Italy or Puerto Rico. See more details

Learn to Sculpt a Monument

From sketches to maquette to enlarging to selection of the appropriate material and to the execution of the final monument - Private lessons are available. Contact Nilda Comas 954-527-5606     See more details

Sculpting the Horse Workshop

Sculpting the Horse 3-Day Workshop at the Legacy Art Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  While sculpting in clay, you can study the anatomy and movements of the horse from projected DVD images shown in the studio.  Students will receive a packet wi See more details

Nilda Comas Workshops: USA - Italy - Puerto RIco

Nilda Comas, master sculpture, creates a bronze, life-size equestrian sculpture in her studio.

Nilda offers many workshops either the USA, Italy or Puerto Rico.  Choose from daily classes up to 2-weeks of classes.  Also available are workshops for children.


Nilda Maria Comas was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She studied humanities and philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico, studied fine arts at Sam Houston State University, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Houston.  Comas attended the New York Academy of Art where she received the highest scholarship given by the Academy and graduated cum laude with a Master of Fine Arts.

Pictured here working in her studio with her creation of one of three life-size equestrian bronze statues.

Lil Blader, full size sculpture of a little girl roller-blader made from terracotta.Comas divides her time between Pietrasanta, Italy, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, teaching in her workshops the techniques she learned in Pietrasanta, Italy where she worked alongside artists such as Lucchesi, Harry Marinsky, Stanley Bleifield, Ivan Theimer and others. It was in Pietrasanta that Comas met Joseph Sheppard, who became not only a mentor and teacher for 10 years, but also a most admired friend.

 Sculpture Workshops in Italy, USA and Puerto Rico.The techniques of master artist Nilda Comas can now be studied in her workshops in the USA, Italy and Puerto Rico. Join Nilda in a trip to Italy or Puerto Rico, study under a master fine artist, visit historical places, visit the art of the old masters and meet the next generation of living masters.  And yes, Nilda speaks Spanish, English, Italian and also French so communication is not an issue either in her workshops or on trips around the cities.


Private instruction is also available.

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Date What Time

3 times/year
Contact Nilda for dates
•Sculpture Workshop
9AM - 12PM
2PM - 5PM

Puerto Rico

2 times/year
Contact Nilda for dates

•Tango all Evening     

9AM - 12PM  
2PM - 5PM


10PM - 12PM

Special Advanced Registration
•Private TANGO Lessons
Guaranteed to DANCE AFTER 9 LESSONS!
Fort Lauderdale Legacy Art Studio Schedule

*Tuesday •Atelier Workshop
7PM - 9PM

*Friday •Atelier Workshop
10AM - 12PM

*Friday •Atelier Workshop
1PM - 3PM

•BYOB Creative Art Classes
7PM - 9PM
*Sunday •Atellier Workshop 10AM - 12PM

*DRAWING, SCULPTING,PAINTING and PORTFOLIO classes are all held during Atelier hours.
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Nilda Comas Hosts 50 From Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

A workshop for 50 members of Delta Phi Epsilon is being hosted by Nilda Comas at her Legacy Art Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  A 2 hour workshop consisting of both sculpture and painting will be attended by 25 members followed by a social hour for all 50 members.  The social hour is then followed by another 2 hour workshop for the remaining 25 members.
Workshops Extended to Puerto Rico Print E-mail

In 2008, Nilda Maria Comas extended her "Living Among the Artists" workshops to Puerto Rico.  The workshop "LIving Amoung the Artists" is held in a 300 year old colonial building overlooking the sea in San Juan.